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Ancient aliens debunked



In a video that lasts more than three hours Chris White debunks in co-operation with scientist Mike Heiser, two since years fervent opponents of the ancient aliens theory, a number of things on a –at first sight- pretty serene way. The undertone however is less serene. On a number of themes they wisely remain silent or they give an inadequate explanation. Some claim that their opposition is motivated by a fundamentalist Christian believe, but whatever, off course they have the right to be critical. You can see the video on Youtube, at least if you want to take the time, it takes more than 3 hours.



We've seen the video and Chris White has not convinced us.


As you know we are great believers in the ancient aliens theory, although we must say that the makers of the series are driving it sometimes a little bit too far. So they make it easy for critics to attack them. (May be a good tactic to gain attention.) We can sum up a long number of items that support our faith in ancient aliens. But we are sure it would be difficult anyway to convince non believers.


We admit that there undoubtedly are errors in the series. Especially since some creators of the series are apparently still thinking that at the time of the Sumerians there were still ‘gods’ on earth. Something that certainly was not the case. Those gods were long gone. The Sumerian texts were in other words full of imagination and pieces of knowledge only remembered thanks to verbal hand over.


(Note: we admit that we sometimes must have stood on the wrong leg in our site. Our intuition is not so bad, we count on it, but we don't trust it too much, so we used facts, or near facts, as much as possible.)


But focusing on errors or weak points, however, is a proven technique to break down a sometimes gigantic work, or much worse, to make it ridiculous.


A few examples: According to Chris White the builders of the concerning megalithic constructions did not need written texts. They would have used drawings. But don’t you think that is a little simplistic? Can that really have been the case? And where are all those drawings? Where are the references in the tombs about the unimaginable honor that builders of the pyramids must have been given? Where are the uncountable clues about the way the real pyramids are build? Where are the uncountable remnants of tools? Where are the countless depictions of power on the walls of the pyramids? Where are the remains of the infinite social facilities that should have been present on the workplaces? Why all that mica in the pyramids of Teotihuacan? What with Göbekli Tepe? Etcetera.


The way, for example, the pyramids were built, Chris White makes it a little bit too easy. So easy that we are concerned (a very little bit) that he is unfair. With hammer, chisel and saw a lot is possible, but you will agree with us, we hope, that things have to be acceptable. The scale on which this happened is incomprehensible. And why on earth would someone create such mega-projects? If it was to glorify the power of one person, where are the references to that person? The numerous –uncountable- references?


White pushes it too far when he tries to explain how the real pyramids were built. After all, ALL theories fail so far to be acceptable. Nobody knows today how the real pyramids were built. That mere fact alone almost demonstrates that there were gods in the neighborhood or at least upgraded people with technical means which we are re-inventing in a tempo never seen before. Because as we have repeated in our site: man is re-inventing the techniques of the gods. We are on the brink of the great leap forward, not on the edge of the cliff.


An easily forgotten point –but we can't stress it enough-: Why important people, not at least those involved in the moon landings, are claiming that earth is visited by extra-terrestrials?


An explanation: the mega catastrophes have destroyed the works of the gods to a large extent. Thousands of years later the emerging civilizations picked up the restoration or copied a lot of things, albeit with less sophisticated means, hence the engravings that refer to primitive tools. (Anyway: it was not forbidden for the gods, in addition to their magnetic wonder technology, to use chisel, robes or steel cables.)


Hence the fact that the (restoration) work was not so superhuman as some think. We admit it was a fantastic effort, but not super human! Hence our suspicion that the work of the gods and that of those who came after them, are mingled. Hence the fact that each character of power is missing. Because no leader dared to write his name in big letters -letters by the way of speaking- on the buildings. The houses were those of the gods. A leader who would claim the gods houses would lose his reputation very soon. People would not accept.


By the way: the gods were paranormal, they didn't use writing. A near fact we deduced from important indications. Paranormality is one of the things we are re-inventing at the moment we write this.


And what about the incredible blocks that support Baalbek? Why are they so different? Why so big? Why so eroded? And why are there no written accounts of such a masterpiece of replacement? We think blocks ten times smaller, could have done the job too. (Off course there would be needed al lot more of them.) And why do we see all over the world the same phenomenon, even long before there were Romans on earth: the 'unnecessary' use of gigantic blocks.


Short said: Don't believe White too soon.


About luminous flying carpets, ships, castles etc ... surely it is logic that someone who must bridge a gap of thousands of years and still have only a vague awareness, thanks to the twisted words of their ancestors, let their imagination work and make from luminous space ships a somewhat more understandable product.


Than the Nazca lines. No doubt the Nazca people knew the gods had space ships. And maybe there were even some drawings that stayed intact for thousands of years and came from the gods themselves. That is why the Nazca people continued to lure them with more and larger drawings and pseudo runways that were visible from space. The gods were 'GOOD' (and they were women, but that's another story). People wanted them to come back. Undoubtedly other people elsewhere in the world made the same calls ... only their drawings were wiped out by the weather. Later FANTASY TOOK OVER ALMOST COPLPLETELY.


Same scenario concerning golden sculptures. The imagination of man is obviously great, but here and there, there is still a link between the gods and their creations, be it two-headed monsters or flying vehicles. Creations of the gods were forgotten and some man –yes some MAN, so called leaders, with all there egocentrism- began to think they were gods themselves. Creations of the gods that existed before the mega disasters were overtaken by human leaders, sometimes they were copied, except for the greatest buildings as the pyramids: reason nobody knew how to copy them.


Giorgio Tsoukalos -[for some reason we like that man with our without special hair cut]- seems to have a passion, not obsession because of his underlying humor, to overload us with indications, not proof, of extra-terrestrials that visited earth. Never give up Giorgio, because all in all you're on the right track. Only you will never be able to proof your statements unless you get permission from the highest powers in this world.


About Sitchin we spoke extensively. He was not the authority that Dr. Heiser claims to be. And please mr Heiser don’t take every chance to direct people to your site. Sitchin is dead, and about the dead no bad word, on the contrary. Sitchin had his 92 year old life dedicated to the research of Sumerian clay tablets. Question is whether an academic degree is a better guarantee for quality than a passionate self made man. The Anunnaki were according to Heiser not from heaven descended. So what? According to him they were directly created in heaven by the god AN. The difference is not so earth shaking. We think that Heiser and a lot of his friends also make mistakes in their translations.


The symbol of the winged sun is the sun itself and no UFO. We claim in our site that the winged sun is neither of that. And we will not be ashamed if we have it wrong. But if Heiser says that the winged sun, that so often occurs by the oldest cultures anywhere in the world, actually represents the sun, than he is contradicting himself. (See the reference to Heiser's site in our chapter 'Een kern van waarheid die alles verklaart’.) Besides, the symbol of the winged sun is so often associated with the Moon Goddess Isis or Ishtar that she seems to refer more to the moon than to the sun.


Another thing: the mining of gold. According to Sitchin gold had to protect the planet of the gods against cooling. Stupid according to Heiser. However, very recently it has been proven that nano gold in the atmosphere creates a greenhouse effect. Can this be a coincidence?


We believe Sitchin deserves respect. It was he who suggested that there was a hidden planet in our solar system. Ánd that we are shaped by an extraterrestrial race. That last sentence is enough to make people all over the word calling him a charlatan.


What we certainly agree, is that there is indeed a hidden planet (maybe a sub-brown dwarf) in our solar system, and that we must be a product of an extraterrestrial intervention. Remember that the easiest way to overcome ALL problems that come with a the colonization of a new planet is to transplant your consciousness in the most competent being of that new world. By doing so you conquer gravity, oxygen, viruses etc. etc. etc. of that new environment.


Sooner or later 'those who know' -the real rulers- will let us know that by their media which by the way they use to rule the world. [Those who read our site know we have no bad feelings about the real rulers of this world.]


Because let us be honest: where else would that phenomenal being 'human' can come from, if it were not created by the gods? A being which in terms of consciousness suddenly is positioned on top of an immensely long ladder, a ladder on which all the other life on planet earth has never been able than to reach the first few steps.


We can really continue for a long time, but we will not.


Because, as we have said several times already in our site: you are free to believe what you want. Especially since it is a matter of believe.




Some chapters are translated (red dot).