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The moon: an enigma



Moon landings


Did astronauts really walked to the moon?


Yes. We are more than convinced. If NASA didn’t went to the moon, that would have been the greatest opportunity for Russians and others to ridicule the USA. Geniuses in Russia or China for example would prove moon landings were fake. Bud they did not. By the way NASA plans to go to Mars. Why would they plan to go to Mars if they not even reached the moon in the past?


Better question: Why they stopped the Apollo program and never restarted it? (An answer to that question you will find in our site).


Pictures of the moon


Superpowers can deceive people and that is what superpowers do all the time. Some pictures are censored, others are manipulated, and a lot of pictures we simply never will see. But maybe there are a lot on the not published pictures we better don’t see. The reason? Publishing everything would not be a good idea for most people because of more than one reason, explained in our site. (Real leaders of this world are not as bad as you may think.)


We are not going to dwell on the space race. Fact is that Americans thanks to operation Paperclip got a lot of advantage and that the more time went by, they realised that on the moon they could find something so incredible that the discoverers would become upper mighty. Kennedy knew it too. He realised that extraterrestrial knowledge could change the world. All over the world people would become aware of the fact that materialism, egocentrism and jealousy is worth time nor trouble. Because thanks to the moon landings and the extraterrestrial knowledge all would become clear. Prophets and religions were apparently not so far from the truth. Materialism and egocentrism are inferior traits belonging to life on planets like earth. Planets where life have to struggle the fight of the fittest and to diversify as much as possible, only to survive the next mega catastrophe. Reason why life on earth never could have reached the level humans have reached without help from above.


Problem of course: a lot of people don't care about love and compassion. They don't care about spiritual knowledge. In any case, we don't believe that aggression would diminish when people would know the truth about our origins. The struggle for life (driven by egocentrism) would still go on for a long time, with or without moon-knowledge ...


Some say: in plain cold war Kennedy made a proposal to cooperate with the Soviets to land on the moon. Only ... superior forces behind the scenes concluded he made the wrong choice.


So maybe there was cooperation between NASA and the Soviets but one thing is for sure: what Americans found on the moon is in the hands of the real leaders of this planet.


The moon was a no brainer in 50’s and 60’s. Space exploration needed the moon. A NASA moonbase was of course the most necessary. Plans were made many years before the first moon landing. After the moonbase Mars would follow soon. NASA got all means she needed. There was so much certainty about the plans that it is now unimaginable why they canceled everything about the moonbase in the blink of an eye ...


Apollo’s landed on the moon. NASA would never reach so much success.



Let's take a closer look at the reasons why Apollo landings stopped.


- Safety issues?


With all due respect: only a few people died. Thousands are dying in car and other accidents, by murder, war etc. Technical means were enough tested. Before Apollo 11 there were 65 missions to the moon accomplished. So technical means were not that bad at all. Safety issues could not have been the reason.



- Health concerns for astronauts?


Don’t think so. Men who reached the moon mostly are in great condition after more than 40 years. We could give many examples ten times less important than a moonbase where human lifes seem to be very cheap.



- Was money shortage the reason?


No. Governments, banks and private investors worldwide have thrown masses of money out of the windows and that during forty years. They dumped their money in every thinkable project but for the moon landings there was nothing left? Come on. Don’t believe that a moon landing costs -let's say- a hundred of billions of dollars. That is simply a lie. Why else private investigators now planning moon trips for a fraction of what NASA has made us believe a moon landing costs? Richard Bransom, Elon Musk etcetera ... if they would have been allowed to go their own way by the real rulers they already would have walked on the moon. They are great men but ho so tiny bunnies compared to the real powerful men. Bransom and others have plans to explore space, make tourist tours in space, build hotels, and yes they plan to visit the moon. But be sure they will encounter lots of 'misfortune' on their way. Besides: visiting the moon? It would be under extreme supervision of the real rulers. And we are not sure if Bransom with his rebellious image will accept that. Visiting the moon will not happen with him in pole position, if you ask us.


Private missions –if they ever will be allowed- will be followed very closely by the real rulers.


By the way: Strange that NASA's budget has hit rock bottom after the moon landings. We think we know why.


Robert Shapiro (University of New York) once said (we paraphrase) that a moonbase would be a gift to humanity. Money is in this context just accessory. The moon is the best place for scanning space and detecting dangerous comets. But as a bonus, a moonbase offers an extra survival chance for humans, if a worldwide disaster, in spite of all precautions of the gods, hits earth.



- Was a lack of popularity the reason?


Lack of popularity was almost ten years after the space flight of Tereshkova one of the reasons for the termination of the Apollo project. People no longer took for granted they had spent too much tax money. Why the real rulers did no real effort to stir up interest of the people? Only God knows. One woman (poor thing) on the moon would have boosted popularity in a way never seen before. But, incredible but true, NASA left astronauts dancing, singing, playing golf ... and make embarrassing movements on the moon, like as they were clowns -a odd group of 12 apostles if you ask us-. Clowns only stupid tax payers could laugh with. The average citizen didn’t laugh. It was their money they were playing with.


Why NASA did let those things happen?


Actually, it appears popularity had to go DOWN instead of up ... The lower the popularity, the easier one could end the Apollo project. So moon landings and moonbase could wait indefinetely.


Later NASA dispatched golden messages in space. Again wasted tax money.


Why NASA has send LP records and a signpost to earth into space? If aliens would find it, they could come to visit ... and destroy us. Why NASA took that risk?


We think they knew what they did. By the way: a golden record? Whatever the reason to cover the record with gold, the word 'gold' would feed thoughts about how NASA wasted tax money ...


If our creators came out of the neighborhood of (a star like) Scholz's star (see another chapter), it is not impossible that they 'fertilized' (maybe you rather like 'poisoned') other earthlike planets. So the interstellar war great people have warned us for in the past, is possibly not a fantasy.


But we are fairly sure our leaders know that there is no intelligent lifeform in our solar system and beyond that can compete with humanity. Although who knows if some time another Scholz's star passes ...


SETI is not only looking for extraterrestrial life (a passing new 'Scholz's star') but it is also looking for comets or maybe for some greater celestial bodies.


If the real rulers are not sponsoring the project, they surely are not against it. They hope SETI never will find intelligent life, but never say never. And it's surely helping them to scan space to find dangerous comets ... all help is welcome.



Something a little out of the context but we must say it


Why one of the greatest Americans (Neil Armstrong) is buried at sea? Because he wanted that? And why he wanted that? He was a humble man. But not so humble as they made us believe. He fought in the Korean war and was very pleased with all the decorations he got. Armstrong carried a great secret upon his shoulders and he was persuaded not to tell his secret to the world. He was a tormented man. What he really knew about the moon will never reach us. Who shall say why he really wanted to be buried at sea? Maybe he decided that he didn't deserve the honor they would give him after death, so his grave could not become a place of pilgrimage, because it would be the summit of hypocrisy after a period of more than forty years he carried the greatest lie in human history in his heart.


Although we think he did the right thing. NASA's moon landings brought something to light that some people -those who can handle it- deserve to know but that would turn the world upside down. The truth would create a hunt for extraterrestrial knowledge, a hunt for more power, she would take the foothold (religion) away from millions of people. The power of the church would collapse just like those of so many powerful men. Maybe, just maybe, a struggle between women and men would emerge ...


What benefit the truth would bring for humankind? Maybe its better to go step by step and let the truth find it's way over a few hundreds of years.


Besides: the twelve men NASA putted on the moon have said things we are not going to repeat but which should open our eyes. Astronauts are screened by all means … they swore precious oaths of secrecy to NASA, especially about everything they could encounter on the moon. But some of them behaved very strange after the moon landings. As if they had realised where the real origin of mankind lies.



Something that also bothers us: Why they are now preparing a marsbase? Where is the so long expected and necessary moonbase? Note that every important man forty years ago stressed that there would be a moonbase in a few years after the first moon landing. A moonbase that would serve many objectives but first of all had to be used as a launch platform to visit Mars.



Michael Douglas Griffin and Mitt Romney


Michael Douglas Griffin, a NASA boss and a great man, probably said once too much that the greatest mistake America made was not to have a moonbase for twenty or more years.


A lot of what Griffin once said has disappeared from the internet. Even Wikipedia has left away over the years important messages from him.


That he was a proponent of a moonbase is public knowledge. But as you know a moonbase will stay a public dream for a long time to come. Mitt Romney, a republican, related to six presidents, a man with an immense influence, said he would fire everyone who was stubborn enough to insist on a moonbase.


Griffin stepped back under pressure. You don't have to be a visionary to see that.


Although he more than once said that the costs of a moonbase were grossly overrated.


Michael Griffin is NOT a member of the real rulers ... you can be sure about that. But we are not so sure about Mitt Romney ...


Update March 2016: Mitt Romney, close friend of the Bush Clan, close friend of so many mighty people that it would take us a whole book to name them all, gave such a passionate speech against Trump. A speech full of devotion he never seemed to have had during his own campaign for presidency in 2012. Is it because a president cannot be a member of the real leaders of this world? Strange that Romney plaid it low profile in 2012. As if he didn’t wanted to become president. Now, 2016, Romney would defeat Trump … piece of cake we think … but Romney made himself crystal clear: 'I will never candidate for 2016'. Strange it was Romney who stood behind Trump in 2012. He rolled out a red carpet to his campaign for 2016. Now he is openly against Trump. We think if Clinton wins it would be a new milestone in history, and if Trump wins it would mean that globalization went a little too fast for many people. But after all it will continue ...


Was the irst black president a surprise to Romney? We don't think so. As if it is all guided by an invisible hand, a hand that doesn't make any difference between democrats and republicans. A coincidence that this all suits in the spirit of this website?


Mitt Romney is a Mormon. There are many similarities between Mormonism and Christianity, but a critical difference: according to Mormonism God came from another planet. Anyway Romney appears to us a good man. Maybe he even doesn't know he is only a pawn on the chessboard, maybe he does know it, or maybe we are wrong about him ... But we are right when we say he doesn't want a moonbase. And that -if he was in power- he would fire a NASA boss who insists on asking for a moonbase. His own words. And be sure: he has the power.


Real power acts behind the scenes. They influence the people who rule. Some compare Romney with Nelson Rockefeller. They say he will go down as a sad foot note in history. But written history is sometimes totally wrong.



Tunnels, caves and domes on the moon


You probably know the moon is full of tunnels and caves. Tunnels and caves -some are immense- could be a perfect moonbase. Also for our ancient creators they could have been a perfect base. And we are almost sure that astronauts found some of that bases. They knew where to look. Besides it’s relatively easy to find a tunnel or a cave. Temperature above such a tunnel or cave betrays it’s presence.


Are there glass domes on the moon?


During the 1960s the domed city concept was widely discussed outside the confines of science fiction.


We believe those domes exist already for a long time ... on the moon. Constructed by our creators.


Now or geniuses seem to dare to talk again about buiding glass domes. Nanotechnology will use flexible glass to protect those domes against a lot of dangers (for instance dangerous rays from the sun).


Richard Hoagland may be exaggerating, but his name is not Richard Hoaxland. A lot of what he says makes sense ... if you believe in the ancient aliens theory.


By the way, Hoagland is not the only one who believes in glass domes on the moon. He’s a lunatic according to many, but the man has an admirable perseverance -or is a stubborn die hard- (depending the angle you are looking at him). Admittedly, the sites we are referring to are not scientific. But we can safely assume real scientists never would come forward saying: there are probably glass domes on the moon. Their reputation would be burned to the ground for the rest of their lives. And maybe not only their reputation because when we wrote the chapter 'To whom it may concern’ (only for those with real persistence) we got a very nasty feeling.


Only don’t hope for a disclosure from NASA. That would be naïve. NASA wants us to discuss about the moon or Mars and the pictures they are publishing. A yes/no discussion is something that fits in their strategy to keep us busy.


Yes we think our real rulers know about structures on the moon and maybe on Mars or even another planet in our solar system. They know it, because they have their knowledge from our creators. Our creators would have been stupid not to have left our leaders everything they need to know. And that everything was (or still is) on the moon.


We believe for example there are secret moonbases ... our leaders will use (among other things) to protect some of us from incoming comets etcetera. For a little more explanation you have to read our site (especially the Tesla related articles we are linking of).



The prestige hoax


It's incredible that many of us still believe that the space race had everything to do with prestige. And it's remarkable that one now says that with the first man on the moon the race was over, while all prior statements revealed the moonbase was the goal. It was the absolutely necessary step for all further developments.


One of the many examples that prove the determination: June 1969: Prototypes of the NERVA Motors run at full speed. Cheering on all seats. The purpose of the incredibly powerful nuclear rocket engines was clear: 'First the moon, and within 15 years we visit Mars.' September 1969: A study group around president Nixon confirms the plans for a trip to Mars. Doubt is nowhere to be found. The moonbase would be the perfect launch platform.


Until suddenly NASA's turned a blind eye to the moon. ‘We never have taken a moonbase and a journey to Mars seriously.' Now that we have won the race, we can better use our money for something else.'


If that was not a lie, we will still eat our shoe ...


Everyone, of course, may have his own thoughts, but we are convinced that stopping manned moon landings had nothing to do with money, prestige, safety ... Vasily Mishin, who in 1966 after the death of his mentor Korolev had taken over leadership of the Soviet missions: 'I don't understand it, we were so close!' If he was speaking the truth, he was certainly no real leader of this world. The reason for the Soviets to stop: 'We have not won the race. We can use our money for other things.'


One shoe is enough.


Our conviction: The moon landings were stopped because the mother of all conspiracy is right: We are genetically engineered ape-like creatures.


Alien technology has to stay in the hands of the real rulers. Without them the world would be much worse than it is now. The discovery made them more humble than you think. A disclosure would mean complete chaos on earth.



What if the moon is what we think she is?


Then she a Jack of all trades, a Deus ex machina, a super solution, part of a plan maybe not so simple for our creators to execute but ho so efficient. Then she's used to change life on earth, she could be used as a launch pad for rockets to divert incoming comets, a launch pad for spacecraft to go to other planets, a resting place for astronauts who travel to a space station and need to gain some strength, bone strength, because an astronaut in space loses more than one percent bone density in a month (that alone to us was/is a reason to build a moonbase), a place where our creators left signs of their existence, where they left us technology, knowledge ... a place where human consciousness could survive if on earth takes place a catastrophe that could wipe out humanity ... (maybe you can finish the list).



Why no other super power walked on the moon?


Surprisingly Europe or China -not to mention the Russians again- have not taken the lead of new moon projects. If they really would have wanted it, they would have had a man on the moon a long time ago. They would have had moon landings, an (un)occupied moonbase ... Their manifestation of power would be sky high. Overthrowing Americans, is every world leader's dream. An inhabited moonbase is not far searched because NASA was sure (without a sparkle of doubt they let us believe there would be a moonbase in 1985). Russia, Europe, China, India... they would have had the means to build a moonbase long ago. But it seems they did not had the permission of the real rulers.


And those real rulers will never allow another superpower to send a manned mission to the moon. Not without them in the driver seat (or behind it).



The rabbit in the hat


Up to the marsbase.


Priceless studies will demonstrate that a marsbase makes a moonbase no priority. Very good seen by our real rulers. So one will stop complaining about a moonbase. That we should have had luxury lodgings on the moon already -based on plans from 1969- they seem to be forgotten. And that Mars is about 58 million kilometers away (shortest road, the longest is 400 million kilometers) seems to be excluded from the scope of the discussion (the moon is at a stone's throw of 384.000 kilometers). And, best scenario, even if Mars has a lot more to offer us -something we don't see- then the moon must still be a priority. Not only to us but to every scientist who respects science.


Screening of the Martian surface goes on for a while yet, because you never know. But it seems to look good. Signals from the media are positive. As we said: Maybe a lot of scientists will have difficulties to understand why the moon is suddenly of so little importance. So one rabbit may not be enough. But then again maybe our real rulers have had enough time to take some precautions. Maybe they cleaned up the moon or they have located ‘safe heavens’ on the moon. We don’t know for sure of course.


One thing is for sure: those who will candidate for president or leader of a great organization should keep their mouth shut about a moonbase. At least for some time to come. Media will criticize them without mercy, and citizens, as usual, will follow.



Water and life


There’s a lot of water (in the form of ice) on the moon (regolith also is containing the elements to make water but that again is another story). No doubt about that ice for forty years. And where there is ice there could be life. Finding a primitive life form on the moon would make the cost of a manned moon trip a negligible factor.



Freemasons (they cannot be absent) and Isis


A lot of astronauts are freemasons or they have links with them through their family.


On the Moon, Aldrin and Armstrong honored Isis (and Osiris). Isis, a name that stands for the greatest goddess ever walked on this earth (and on the moon). We think Osiris was just used for window dressing, because men in a lower position than a woman -even in this times- is not an evidence. Isis had wings in a lot of old sculptures and pictures. She has descended from heaven, gave mankind secret knowledge, was good and righteous, had a pure soul. She gave us her consciousness (the ankh cross). Isis was the goddess, the source of wisdom of the Egyptian priests, who were the teachers of some of the greatest men ever lived (Socrates, Plato, Jesus ...). She realised the most significant concept of most religions: the resurrection. Resurrection after wiping out the sins of mankind. That sounds familiar.


If you think about it you'll notice in the chapter 'Spaceship Moon' that the resurrection is nothing more that the rebirth of mankind after all sins were wiped out and after Jesus (Isis) gave His (Her) life for it. So it's probably a much more realistic issue than most of you may think.


Only, Isis was there long before Jesus.


And if you ask us: there were a lot of Isises around the world because according to Plato and according to the Egyptian priests the so called gods and the so called mother goddesses were present in a lot of important (holy) places of this planet. Only they were given a different name, but that's not important. [We have to use logical reasoning because Plato was a great man but he was afraid of the authorities and had to place men above women. Although he took an extremely progressive stance about women, he didn't cross the line. He knew what happened to his mentor.]


Isis is a holy name to the real rulers of this world. So it's not a coincidence the first astronauts paid tribute to her. Though NASA told us a little lie: 'The tribute was a personal initiative of the astronauts.'


Paranormal experiments on the moon? Hard to deny, since top leaders have admitted it. 'But they were a personal initiative.'


The ambitious first words (giant leap)? 'A personal initiative'


Luminous bulbs? 'Space debris'


Consciousness problems? ‘Hallucinations’.


All according to NASA.


Yeah yeah …



A shocking truth?


If earth -long ago- has received visit from an alien civilization than there is evidence of it on the moon.


It looks like scholars are afraid to speak out this statement. Individuals including Ian Crawford from Birkbeck College (University of London) had a few tricky questions, but the reply of his colleagues was nothing more than a deafening silence.


Who has an open mind, cannot ignore the possibility that earth ever had an alien visit. It is short-sighted to assume that men will discover alien intelligence within, say, 5000 years and at the same time reject the possibility that the earth was visited in the past by that same intelligent life. Moreover, it would be the most normal thing in the world as those visitors first landed on the sterile and safe moon, far away from viruses, bacteria and any other obstacles that could threaten them on earth.


However, the moon has practically no atmosphere. So all traces, even those of millions of years old, remain untouched (or almost untouched because there are meteorites and sort of space weather we are not going to discuss).



Armstrong the sad hero


Anyone committed with the subject knows the rumors that especially Armstrong was overthrown with what he saw on the moon. Communication with the outside world became interrupted. Nonetheless, some specialized radio amateurs have taken care of the conversations. According to those intercepted messages -later also according to confidential statements of initiates- Armstrong on the moon, has seen a strange light. And as if that wasn't enough: Near the landing module there were space ships that clearly were from an alien civilization.


All in all not so crazy, because if alien visitors ever landed on the moon or later, on earth, they surely came not by foot. And they must have left a few space ships on the moon (on earth too, but we were not allowed to see them and if the Roswell story is true than chances are real one of them crashed by a salvage operation).





Many! But without credentials. And guess why they lost credibility?


Maurice Chatelain worked for twenty years at NASA as a communication expert and had very good contacts. He was involved in the preparation of the moon landings and stated publicly several times that he knew first-hand that Armstrong on the moon saw alien space craft. Because he came to believe in UFOs -one would do for less- and later wrote books about UFO’s, he was portrayed as a freak. His reputation shrank to zero.


Cartner, Reagan, Irwin, Mitchell etc etc ... they believed (believe) in aliens. Men too great to make ridiculous. So real rulers let the media do a subtle job (we hear and see believers and non believers ... and a lot of doubt). Reagan died in 2004. He was one of the greatest. But some will attribute him a low IQ, a henpecked husband etc.


Douglas MacArthur knew a lot, but he was not one of the real rulers. He talked about a war with extraterrestrials, strange materials, lengthening life span with a hundred of years, technology that could influence weather systems … Things that now are coming true. He didn’t knew everything but if you take his words into account and you think about what Roscoe Hillenkoetter, Riedel, von Braun, Oberth, and so many others have said, you possibly will come to the same conclusion as we do: There are great rulers here on earth who keep a lot hidden from us ... especially about our origins.


We still have so much to say while we are sure only a few of you will believe us (a sad thing) ... But then again, lucky us ... We don't care. We only hope you will respect our meaning, just like we will respect yours.



Chinese or Russian manned moon landings?


Shortly said: They will only happen with permission of the real rulers of this world.


Anyway: Don’t talk us about the Chinese or Russians who will take over the world's space program. They act and speak like American presidents in the past (and present). 'In a few years we will be walking on the moon’. Or: ‘In ten years we will have a moonbase’. Those words we heard so many times before.


But when time goes by: ‘We are in the middle of a financial crisis, our moon landing program cannot go on’.


After an economic boom there always comes a crisis. During a boom you make a promise you know you cannot hold. So during a crisis you recall that promise. Simple but efficient. People have other things in mind than a moon landing in the middle of a financial crisis.


By the way: There are some Chinese and Russians too that belong to the real rulers of this world. Meanwhile some NASA leaders, presidents, and some media are no more than (mostly innocent) hoax spreaders. They are out of real business.


The most important media are influenced by the great leaders ...


Even unmanned mission are under control of the real leaders. Did you notice how far Chinese December 2013 lunar unmanned mission landed from American sites? .


There will be more promises to come about manned missions to the moon. Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Russians ... will make those promises. But there will be as much manned missions to be canceled.


By the way, as we suggested already we don't exclude that someday parts of the moon will be cleaned up and declared 'safe for moonbase'. Fifty or sixty years should have been enough to clean up what we are not allowed to see. Or at least it should be enough to make the right compromises. But it's a mystery why after two generations no man nor woman walked on the moon again. Although it's hidden in the humans genes: every generation tries to do better than the previous. Why the same doesn’t count for the manned moonlandings? Maybe your guess is better than ours, but with all strange things we putted together in our site we are sure a moonbase was a logical step further to surpass the previous generation ... especially because that previous generation apparently had not been able to hold its promises.



Elon Musk


There are many people that achieved exceptional goals. Most of them have worked all their life to perform one great achievement. But there are some we admire -without putting them on a pedestal- for the many different gifts they seem to have. And for their audacity.


Elon Musk is gifted in many ways, multifunctional, brave, hard for himself and for his workforce, emotional ... sometimes. A billionaire, but he seems to have a genuine humble personality. And for sure, he's a man. Although we are stubborn in our concept that women -generally spoken- are superior to men ... in some way.


Elon Musk is a superman. He knows the future lies in space. He knows we have to colonize space. But about our moon he doesn't talk much. Why not? We don't know, but we know his greatest partner in space programs is NASA. And we know the real rulers (NASA, with such a peanuts budget, has become a child of the real rulers) don't want the moon to be colonized. Elon Musk (and NASA) are going to build a moonbase (again). 'By doing so we can explore Mars and space in general' (again that booring old story), a self-evident thruth expressed more than 50 years ago ...


According to Musk (and to NASA with a little reservation) we must soon colonize Mars. In fact, that's what we conclude when we read the many interviews.


You became a mystery to us mister Musk if we read that you apparently don't see the need to colonize the moon, not even just a little bit. Believe us or not, but all problems about lunar habitats could be solved according to many scholars and then we even don't mention moon tunnels or glass domes. (Take note about the fact that those scolars aren't crying out loud to build a moonbase. Why not? Because they are afraid to lose their reputation.)


And when you said mr Musk that Mars is only 150 times further then our moon -every two years Earth and Mars reach their closest point- we even thought for a second that with your Tesla racing car you must have lost contact with the idea of distance.


ONLY 150 times? Is that your way of saying that reaching the moon must be -what all insiders probably know- just a piece of cake?


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