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Is it normal that the belief that humans were created by alien visitors never was given a chance by the rulers of this planet (and their mass media)? That abstract beings that appear in all religions were in fact once real beings?


That there is one true God, an ‘Abstract Being’ that even hundred Einsteins never could unravel, thát I am not going to discuss, because that's a given fact to me. That bread and games always were the primus inter pares in the bag of tricks of the real rulers to suite people, I am not going to discuss neither, nor that the mass of people rather focus on their personal place in society than thinking about their origins.


But why are they focusing so much on material things? I believe because the media are super demagogues. With a little exaggeration: they are manipulating people to be egocentric. By the way: jobs and money are important but there is so much technology nowadays that we could have a reasonable life standard without working much, if we would share a bit more, if we would prevent that there are people that gain millions of dollars every year while others have to live in poverty. I'm probably not using enough words to make most people understand what I mean, but to make it short: people are prohibited to think too much about the spiritual aspect. Divide people, make them dependent, jealous and egocentric because of the fact that some have more expensive and beautiful material things than others, and you guide their thoughts. And those thoughts better are not too spiritual.


It may sound contradictory but I think the media (influenced by the real rulers) are doing a good job.


Thinking is ok but I came to the conclusion that too much thinking is not so ok. It won't solve anything. My belief made me more tolerant and less egocentric, but I have to survive in an egocentric and not so tolerant world, so I must compromise a bit.


In every person lives an animal that is not easy to keep under control by the real rulers. Work, football, and even war (to name just a few examples) are just means to keep the egocentric beast busy.


It looks as if in the end the beast that lives in every one of us will prevail, but I believe the contrary. The good will prevail, because the real rulers are guiding humanity. Slowly but surely. And therefore they cannot tell us the truth because of so much reasons. Religions would collapse, the power of so many would fall apart, economy and so on. For so many of us egocentrism is much easier to handle than the truth. But be sure we will arrive where the real rulers want us to arrive. Although it still can take a few hundred years before we are ready to handle the truth.


War and injustice in so many countries they can't prevent. The world is so complicated. But sometimes -when things really seem to go wrong taking into account their hidden agenda- I have the feeling they have the means to intervene.


WTC attacks are not the only contested terrible events that made room for intervention on a world scale. A rule of power? If you know someone is going to do a disgusting injustice upon you, let it happen and make sure it becomes world news for weeks.


I think that after the WTC attacks the real rulers took the opportunity to get the approval of the people to fight ideas they don't agree with, extreme ideas that suppress women, restrict freedom and maybe are on the brink to spread too much. I think oil was not the biggest issue. Fact is that after the WTC attacks and the invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq real rulers got a foothold in the lions' den. Another fact: women were given more possibilities to develop and get more insight in their situation and that in countries where they are treated like they are so much inferior to men. There is still a long way to go and the extremists will not surrender. Sooner or later they will reunite but in the end the real (good) powers will prevail. Be sure that the real rulers know how to get the approval of their citizens to conquer the bad guys.


As a bonus another reason why the alien issue always has been denied. Because it would have been impossible to stop the hunt for extra-terrestrial knowledge by unwanted groups of people (say the bad guys) if it would be clear that it exists.


Far sought you probably think. Hopefully you give it a chance before reading further.



A personal belief



Astronauts, geniuses and even world leaders claim (claimed) separately and without hesitation that an alien civilization has visited Earth. So they must have influenced human evolution.


A lawyer who has a witness before court like Edgar Mitchell -you must see his curriculum- has a good chance to win his case. And there are many very believable witnesses .


That the -so called- gods have brought with the mega catastrophes an ultimate sacrifice. The story of the flood is not just a myth, but is permeated with ancient knowledge. Consciousness has taken a fresh start after the flood. Now it grows by the rules of life on earth. But it still gives mankind a choice. We can choose between compassion and egocentrism (and a lot in between), although the average human –especially men- opts for egocentrism.


Men carry more egocentrism with them –look at the statistics of every sort of crime- and don’t believe testosterone is the culprit.


Our creators implanted their soul in women. The soul of the gods was pure. It never had to struggle with catastrophes like on mother earth. It didn’t had to fight the survival of the fittest. It evolved on a planet far away, a planet that has such a mass that comets could not hurt the intelligent life form that was growing on it. Life had not to split itself in millions of pieces only to survive the next mega disaster. And to survive the few disasters the life form on that planet lived underground. The most intelligent way to protect itself from any danger. So it's not so strange that we find here on earth indications the gods and the special one (Eve) probably lived underground.


Alfred Wallace (greater than Darwin if you ask us) knew something that many geniuses know (knew). He said that everything could be explained by Darwin’s law … except human consciousness. He said that if women would have the possibility to choose the father of their children, they would choose a 'good' man. So, in time goodness will prevail (I believe Wallace). And I believe in the end men and women will be equal in what we see as 'go(o)dness'. (Still a long way to go.)


Anyway the gods degenerated and let the Great Flood clean all their sins (themselves included).


All mega structures (from Egyptian pyramids till Teotihuacan and many others) are just restored by civilizations that first emerged some 6000 years after the Flood. The time where written texts were invented.


In my opinion it is impossible to accept the idea that until this day scientist only have guesses about how the ‘real’ pyramids were build. And those guesses are very very disputed with very very strong arguments. In other words: no one knows how the pyramids were build ... unbelievable ...


Why do we never see signs of texts or paintings that express the power of the leader? Why there is no sign of aggression or sex in all ancient mega structures? Really I think the first thing the so-called gods did on planet earth was creating paranormal women to transplant their souls in (at least that would explain a lot).


Some great scholars are experimenting with the paranormal. They believe humans have hidden paranormal capabilities. It's just a matter of time before a genius makes them work again. Just like they made so much more things work again the last 50 years. All sort of things that worked more than 12.600 years ago are being reinvented.


But a radical new idea is very slow in refuting conventional ideas. Especially since the media are not really helpful. Other scholars who disbelieve the paranormal don't like to see a lifetimes work to be destroyed by admitting they have been wrong all the time. An example of how our minds, even those of great scholars, work: Once they said: ‘The pyramids never could have been build more than 10.000 years ago. Why not? Because we never found a structure that is older than 6000 years and that gives us a sign that there ever has been a civilization that could work with heavy stones. Let alone that they would make a structure from those stones.’


Now that they found Göbekli Tepe (only 5 percent of it is discovered) that issue is apparently of no importance anymore. Strange.


There is a gap of say 6000 years between the so-called gods and the new civilizations like Sumerian. In that new civilizations men took the lead because of their physical force. Women were suppressed in an unimaginable way for an unimaginable period of time (6000 years is an unimaginable long time to me) and suppression still goes on in many countries. Women even could/can not follow school. Almost incredible that women are still able to keep up with men, even in all intelligent tests.


Maybe women (not all of them) are simply better than men in many ways. I think they have a greater part of a trait that is not from this world: Compassion. A word that for so many more men than women is seen as ‘soft’. What a blunder.


As (ex) participants in threads on the internet, I have a bag full of reproaches. So I decided to stop all discussion. I don’t have a hide like a rhinoceros. I waited for it to grow, without result. But honestly? I think that you also would be hurt by the comments I had to read.


Don't think that I lost my respect for the meaning of others. I never would reproach someone. I have chosen to be soft and I keep my egocentrism under my thumb. And although I have experienced disappointments, the internet all in all is a God gift: It will make people (especially women) aware.


Testimonials like these from Corso, Mitchell and many others have opened my eyes. Many eyes will follow.


It's very plausible to accept a theory that says that in 50.000 years humans will encounter intelligent life in space. So why would we not accept a theory that says that intelligent life already visited earth say 75.000 years ago?


Thanks to the uniqueness of mankind, the cave painters, pyramids, Egyptian priests, Plato, universal myths, secret societies, Roswell, moon landings, mysterious white lights, near death experiences ... the puzzle of human evolution starts to take shape.


There are still missing pieces. And an almighty, invisible hand seems to give us a little extra piece from time to time. Just like they are giving us from time to time a wrong piece. They seem to play with us. But they are not. They just want us not to overload. Nevertheless, in the meantime I think where human evolutionary impossibility -the 'giant leap' of human consciousness- is coming from.






Please remember: a revelation about our origins would trigger a search for extraterrestrial knowledge that is now in the hands of a relative few amount of people (people less evil than you may think).


Revelation would mean chaos, powerful people would lose their power, religions would have to be reformed etc.


The world would be no better place ... if we knew about our creators ...






Earth is not the planet where our consciousness developed itself. A planet like earth faces too many dangers. Life had to split itself in so many life forms that it was capable of surviving mega catastrophes that happen time and time again. Millions of life forms have a great advantage: some of them are -more by chance than anything else- able to survive the new rules life has to accept as a consequence of a mega catastrophe. But the split has a great disadvantage: consciousness can never grow when every x million years the life form that is carrying it, has to take a setback. Although to grow up the soul needs -for some reason or another- a body. And just like you have to respect your body to get it strong and healthy, you have to work on your soul for a much more important reason: Your soul has to become strong enough to survive after death. And the way to get your soul become strong enough is to live righteous (in a love-giving way). We cannot ignore that statement because too much great men have put it forward. And too much great -and less great- men and women have died for this priciple.


My conclusion (a personal belief): consciousness grew on a planet that crossed our solar system but is not bounded to the sun. The planet belongs to another star system and came from another place in the universe.


Scholz's star is really a good candidate ... traveling through a very quiet environment for hundreds of millions of years ... maybe a mega mass ... maybe no catastrophes ...


Because of that the supreme life form got all the time it needed to grow a consciousness, a soul. Maybe something happened with their planet (or was it just curiousness?) ... in any case inhabitants took the risk to visit earth ... where they needed an earthly body.


Because of viruses, bacteria, gravity, oxygen etc. they had to choose a life form that was already living on earth to overcome all dangers. And they have chosen women Homo sapiens. Women, because they may be more prone to genetic manipulation, they are less aggressive, less egocentric, less focused on sex ... and were all in all more like our creators. (Strange that we find almost no signs of aggression or sex in cave paintings before 12.600 years ago.)


In the end the gods were degenerated, they had so much experimented with life on earth that they saw only one solution. A solution that -after time has done its work- will make men and women really equal.


This story goes on but you can read also the other chapters that are translated.






Afterlife does exist, it is collective consciousness, bundled in a magnetic cluster, a 'white light', plasmasphere or UFO if you like.


I think -like many others- consciousness only can exist thanks to interaction with other people.


Maybe interaction with the quantum particles that exist in another universe or in other people ... or are quantum particles in multiple places at once?


You still can see it from another perspective: After death all pure and strong souls unite. They all become One Light. One signal in God’s Brain that travels to another part of God’s Brain, another universe. Weak souls face hell. In other words they don't reach the light and perish. Fortunately we can work to get a strong soul during our life. The only way to do that is all bundled in the word 'love'.


Plato learned us that God, Love and Light are bounded in a very close relationship. Plato learned us too that this world is just a reflection of the real world. That the materialistic world is not the real world. That after dead our soul enters 'The Light', the real world.


Plato knew that from the Egyptian priests. We see no other explanation. And if you read between the lines you will notice that his theory is being accepted more and more by science..


The Egyptians with their book of death and, yes, the Bible among other ancient texts were not so far from the truth, but you have to google a bit with the metaphors. A good soul can sincerely love people, can sense other souls, is understanding, and can forgive sins ... under one condition: the other soul has to be sincerely regretting the bad things she did.


I have to be careful because this is not a book of 'How to live your life'.


After death the strong good/pure souls will survive. They will join the spheres that contain universal souls, even those of other galaxies. They will join a Galaxy Train that connects The Brain Neurons Of The Divine ... a Galaxy Express to another universe ...



Left: a brain cell

Right: the universe (source: www.visualcomplexity.com).


Are we living in the Divine Brain?


Our brain looks like the universe where white lights loaded with consciousness travel from one neuron to another ... just like in the Divine Brain they travel from one galaxy to another ... (Source Youtube)


Some chapters are translated (red dot)